Women's' Missions, in like manner as brotherhood, will focus on discipleship training for women in the faith of Jesus Christ. The tasks are including not limited to teaching missions; engaging in mission action; supporting local and world female missions through praying and giving; mentoring and big sistering female youth for the responsibilities and duties of womanhood as defined by the scriptures; and providing plus interpreting information regarding the work of the church and denomination.

Mission I


President Sis. Lola Dixon



  • President: Sis. Lola Dixon
  • Vice President: Sis.
  • Secretary: Sis. Ruby Long
  • Treasurer: Sis.

Mission II


  • President: Sis. Avonda Talley
  • Vice President: Sis.  Valerie Hines
  • Secretary: Sis. Judelia Boswell
  • Treasurer: Sis. Lea Long